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Jennifer Garbutt

Jennifer Garbutt

When I was 19 weeks pregnant we found out that my sweet baby boy had severe bilateral hydronephrosis.

Hydronephrosis is a common condition characterized by excess fluid in a kidney due to a backup of urine.
It is caused by a blockage in the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder (ureter). In Charlie’s case, his ureters formed with a narrowing at the base where they meet the bladder causing the kidneys to drain extremely slow. 

When the kidneys are expanded for a period of time,  this can affect kidney health including an increase risk for infection and even cause permanent damage. We were told that while Charlie’s kidneys are currently functioning well, they have been permanently damaged and he will likely need a kidney transplant at some point in his lifetime. 

We are fortunate to have found an amazing medical team for Charlie that is invested in keeping his kidneys working for as long as possible! Charlie has undergone two surgeries and we have found that the swelling in his kidneys has already reduced. God willing, this will help preserve his function. 

As Charlie’s mama, I am 100% dedicated in doing whatever I can possibly do to help him have the best life possible. 

Thank you for helping  create a better world where patients find hope and live healthier lives. Your gift makes a difference today.

Thank you for your  support and generosity!

I’ve joined Team Kidney to raise funds to support the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the work they do to help people at risk for kidney disease, those living with chronic kidney disease, and those who care for and about them.


Before Charlie's 2nd surgery in August to fix some scar tissue with his ureter

Charlie's stoma almost a year post-op, fully healed. He will have this ureter reimplanted to his bladder around potty training age.

Charlie after major surgery 5/2. He had his left ureter snipped at the base of the bladder and brought to the skin so he could drain urine directly from the kidney and relieve pressure. The right ureter was snipped at the narrowing and reimplanted.

Charlie getting a Mag3 test to determine the function of his kidneys.


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