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Jake Mountain

Golub Mountain Wedding

A few years ago, I donated one of my kidneys to a stranger. It was fun and easy and I highly recommend it. (The picture you see above is a clay kidney Elena made me the day before my donation. Much to her chagrin -- and my amusement -- my donation day was also my birthday.) But while kidney donation is essential to improving the lives of people living with chronic kidney disease, prevention is the best medicine. I’ve joined Team Kidney to raise funds to support the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the work they do to help people at risk for kidney disease, those living with chronic kidney disease, and those who care for and about them.

Did you know that 1 in 3 American adults are at risk for kidney disease? Major risk factors include diabetes, high blood pressure, a family history of kidney failure and being age 60 or older. Kidney disease often has no symptoms, and it can go undetected until very advanced. But a simple test can tell you if you have kidney disease.

Elena and I would be honored by any donation you want to make to celebrate our wedding. The funds we raise enable NKF to provide early detection screenings and vital patient and community services to our local community. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of the nearly 30 million Americans who are currently living with kidney disease and the 73 million more at risk.

Thank you!

- Jake


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